Barbara Crostini Lappin

Dottorato di ricerca in Studi Bizantini, Università di Oxford (1998): An Eleventh-Century Liturgical Homiliary: the Katechetikon of Paul of Evergetis, diretto dal Dr. J. Munitiz, SJ; commissione esaminatrice: Prof. E. Jeffreys, Prof. M. Angold.
British Academy Post-doctoral Fellowship, University of Belfast (2000–03); Fellow in the History of Christianity, Department of Religions and Theology, University of Manchester (2003–5); Honorary Fellow, Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Trinity College, Dublin (2006–2008); Research Associate, Trinity College Long Room Hub, 2009-2010; Member of the Core Group, Ars Edendi, Università di Stoccolma (a partire da Ottobre 2010).

Progetti di Ricerca
Commenti ai Salmi di Esichio di Gerusalemme.
Edizione elettronica delle catene sui Salmi.

Bibliografia selettiva

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Electronic Publications:
A Catalogue of the Greek Manuscripts at Trinity College Dublin, in progress.
An Online Edition of MS Vat. gr. 752 (in collaboration with the Vatican Library).
Greek Manuscripts in Sweden (contributor to descriptions).